Conquering Air, Land and Sea: Matt Brooks, San Francisco Area Entrepreneur and Adventurer

Matt Brooks is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and adventurer whose interests on land, air and sea have driven him to excellence in all three fields of exploration.

As a mountaineer, Matt Brooks has been honored by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) for his numerous contributions to the alpine community. He was awarded the 2010 Presidential Gold Medal, the highest award granted by the AMGA. In 2012 he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement in Mountain Guiding Award for his dedication to the development of the mountaineering profession. He is the founder of Brooks-Range, a Fremont outfitter that provides quality gear designed specifically designed for professional mountain guides, as well as equipment for backcountry explorers.

As an aviator, William Mathews Brooks established several national and world records in 2006, from the longest distance for a non-stop flight to the highest speed over a recognized course. These records were achieved aboard a Cessna Citation 501 SP FJ44 Eagle II, just two years after Matt Brooks and two other pilots set a world record flight around the world on a westbound journey.

Sailing is a special passion for Matt Brooks. He is the proud owner of two special sailing vessels, Lucie and Dorade. The former is a 6-meter sailboat crafted by master yacht designer Clinton Crane in 1930 and built in 1933; the latter is an elegant 82-year old ocean racing yacht wooden boat that still holds her own in tough competitions against sleek sailing vessels made of materials that were not even dreamed of during her prime. Matt Brooks' interest and experience in sailboat restoration has managed to keep both sailing vessels in top shape. In fact, Dorade and Lucie still enter regattas and win competitions these days.

The competitive and entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Brooks would not be complete without charitable work and research into his diverse interests. Matt Brooks, San Francisco Asian Art Museum Trustee, also serves on the International Yacht Restoration School and the Brooks-Mathews Foundation in Fremont as Vice President. He is also the co-founder of the American Avalanche Association, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education.

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